Gennaio Febbraio 2017 - Articoli originali

Best practices on peritoneal dialysis: the audit of Lazio Region


The diffusion of peritoneal methodology can not be something out of the real organizational context and the regional directive can not be the only means to encourage the diffusion. There is the need to provide effective and sustainable levels of assistance through a clinical scientific support and sharing of best-practises. On one side, the aim is to provide an aid by the centers with great expertise in the methodology, recognized as reference points; on the other side, to establish the shared K.P.I.s (Key Performance Index), to asses the clinical effectiveness and measure the objectives to be achieved, through a modality of valuation to establish the real applicability. For this purpose, a scientific board was founded, composed by the heads of UU.OO, that provide the peritoneal dialysis, to determine which aspects to investigate and identify factors of supply improvement. The selected method was the clinical audit. The analysis of the 2011 data has allowed us to capture the situation of the peritoneal dialysis in the Lazio Region. The formative procedure has enabled the centers to share and standardize protocols and therapeutic procedures, identify the strengths of peritoneal dialysis in the Lazio Region and define the KPIs through whose compare and monitor the centers over time. The conclusive analysis of the audit has enabled to identify a series of activities to be undertaken together in order to improve the situation of the peritoneal dialysis in the Lazio Region. In the following years, surveys will be carried out to verify the KPIs trend.

Key words: Audit , Best Practice, Key Performance Index, peritoneal dialysis, Protocol, Survey

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