The Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia is a bimonthly journal devoted to continuing medical education published by the Italian Society of Nephrology (Società Italiana di Nefrologia, SIN). In addition to CME, it aims at publishing guidelines and improving communication within the field of nephrology and among practitioners more generally. The GIN offers up-to-date data and analysis in the form of clinical cases, in depth reviews, original articles and thematic sections. The Journal accepts contributions in English and Italian.


Thematic sections

We have currently six sections devoted to specific topics of discussion. We aim at adding more soon and are always open to suggestions from the nephrological community.


Comunicazione e marketing (Communication and marketing)

Curated by Dr. Fulvio Fiorini, this section deals with how best to communicate with patients and colleagues in a Hospital setting and within the health sector in general, trying to avoid or solve conflicts when they arise.


Dibattiti in nefrologia (Debates in nephrology)

Through the juxtaposition of several points of view, this is a place devoted to discussing some of the most debated topics in the field.


Privacy e “cura” dei dati in sanità (Privacy and personal data curation)

Dr. Filippo Lorè helps us look at the issues surrounding privacy and personal data in the health sector.


Recensione libri (Book reviews)


Le nostre storie: vite di nefrologi (Our stories: nephrologists’ lives)

Under the supervision of Gianbattista Fogazzi, we collect here contributions that look back at the history of Italian nephrology and how the discipline evolved from its inception to the present day.


Specialità e professioni a colloquio (Dialogue across fields and competences)

With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, this section is open to doctors, nurses and health professionals from the many fields crossing paths with nephrology in everyday practice.