Practical procedures to launch a once-weekly-dialysis program integrated into a personalized hypoproteic nutrition (CDDP)


This work is aimed for showing in detail to the nephrologists the methodology applied in the Combined Diet Dialysis Program (CDDP) in selected patients especially with the use of the Urea Nitrogen Appearance which allows to verify the sustainability and collaboration of patients on the 0.6 g/Kg/day hypoproteic diet by calculating the Protein Catabolic Rate in patients with metabolic steady state. It is also confirmed that the combined action of nutrition and the minimal contact with hemodialysis may allow a longer maintenance of the residual renal function with the further possibility of a greater excretion of Protein Bound Uremic Toxins and to obtain a phosphate balance thanks for a good maintenance of phosphaturia. In this paper are described in detail all the necessary steps and calculations. But it is mandatory a greater clinical commitment to achieve the achievement of a personalized therapeutic protocol like CDDP that is easily applicable in everyday clinical practice.

Keywords: Combined Diet Dialysis Program, once-weekly dialysis, diet program.


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