History of Nephrology 10

Natale Gaspare De Santo1, Biagio Ricciardi2, Boleslaw Rutkowski3, Vincenzo Savica4, Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos5

Giants in nephrology

Stephen Hales: the contributions of an Enlightenment physiologist to the study of the kidney in health and disease

Garabed Eknoyan

Jacques Loeb (1859-1924) and His Forgotten Contributions to Electrolyte and Acid-Base Physiology in The Organism as a Whole

Francesco Sgambato1, Ester Sgambato2, Natale Gaspare De Santo3

William Osler and investigation on trench nephritis

Miroslaw J. Smogorzewski

Hugh de Wardener – the Man and the Scientist

M.E.Phillips1, Wardener2

Gabriel Richet: the Man and the Scientist

Raymond Ardaillou1, Pierre Ronco2

For the history of dialysis

The prehistory of haemodialysis as a treatment for uraemia

J. Stewart Cameron

John Dique: dialysis pioneer and political advocate

Charles R.P. George

Origins of renal diseases

On pains of the kidney and the bladder in Kitāb al-Tajārib by Rhazes

Ahmet Aciduman

The management of kidney stones as suggested by Goeury-Duvivier

Guido Bellinghieri, Ersilia Satta, Vincenzo Savica, Guido Gembillo, Antonino Salvo, Michele Buemi, Domenico Santoro

Professor Eric G.L. Bywaters, Acute Kidney Injury and the “forgotten” letter

Michael Almond

Antonino D’Antona (1842-1913) was the first in describing the crush syndrome with renal failure following the Messina earthquake of December 28, 1908

Carmela Bisaccia1, Natale Gaspare De Santo2, Luca S. De Santo3

History of Diabetes Insipidus

Giovanna Valenti, Grazia Tamma

The Renal History of Fabry Disease

Martina Gaggl, Sarah El-Hadi, Christof Aigner, Gere Sunder-Plassmann

Tear drops of kidney: a historical overview of Polycystic Kidney Disease

Ayse Balat

Chronic kidney disease and the aging population

Magdalena Bartmańska, Andrzej Więcek

The story of spironolactones from 1957 to now: from sodium balance to inflammation

Chiara Sabbadin1, Lorenzo A. Calò2, Decio Armanini1

Development of nephrology

Associate Professor Eduard Neubauer: the first nephrologist in Slovak Republic

Miroslav Mydlík, Katarína Derzsiová

Great figures of Polish Nephrology – Participants of the Warsaw Uprising 1944

M. Muszytowski1,4, J. Ostrowski2,4, B. Rutkowski3,4

The Joint Society of Nephrology in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – Five Decades of Successful Activities

August Heidland1, Eberhard Ritz2, Florian Lang3

Professor Rastislav Dzúrik: the Man and the Scientist

Katarina Derzsiová1, Miroslav Mydlík2

Toxins and their measurements

On the discovery of UREA. Identification, synthesis and observations that let to establishing the first uraemic retention solute

Flore Duranton1, Joachim Jankowski2, Andrzej Wiecek3, Àngel Argilés1

Between the utility and hazards of phosphorus through the centuries

Vincenzo Savica, Giovanni Duro, Guido Bellinghieri

The concept of the urine test and specific reaction of the urine in various diseases according to Enrico Cauchi – member of the medical council of Malta (1933)

Carlo Alberto Ricciardi1, Elisabetta Ricciardi2, Luca Visconti1, Antonio Lacquaniti1, Vincenzo Savica3, Domenico Santoro1, Michele Buemi1, Biagio Ricciardi4

Healing with plants and thermal springs

Diuretic plants in the Bible: ethnobotanical aspects

Giovanni Aliotta1, Natale Gaspare De Santo2, Luigi Iorio3

Herbal treatment of the urinary system diseases based on 16th and 17th century herbals in Poland

Janusz Ostrowski1,3, Boleslaw Rutkowski2,3

Treatment of kidney diseases in the thermal springs of Pithecusa during the XVIII Century

Elisabetta Ricciardi1, Carlo Alberto Ricciardi2, Biagio Ricciardi 3

Books, teaching and learning

The Transnationalism of Nephrological Treatises during the Middle Ages

Athanasios Diamandopoulos

Disease of the kidney and of the urinary tract in De Medicina Methodica (Padua, 1611) of Prospero Alpini (1563-1616)

Natale Gaspare De Santo1, Carmela Bisaccia2, Biagio Ricciardi3, Pietro Anastasio4, Giovanni Aliotta5, Giuseppe Ongaro6

Arnaldo Da Villanova medieval physician (1235-1311). A first approach

Biagio Ricciardi1, Elisabetta Ricciardi2, Carlo Alberto Ricciardi3