Inapparent charges for the assistance to nephropathic patient on dialysis


The increasing technological effectiveness has undoubtedly produced an improvement in clinical parameters of dialysis patients, but this satisfactory therapeutic result did not follow an adequate improvement in mortality or in the perception of quality of life as per patients. Furthermore, dialysis treatment is often associated with “inapparent charges” that reduce the perception of well-being, independently of clinical changes.

Thirty years ago, we carried out a national survey on inapparent charges, which represent frustrating aspects that negatively affect patients’ perception of their quality of life.

Thirty years later, it seemed important for us to repeat the survey to understand if Italian legislative remodeling have introduced changes in procedures and social aspects of dialysis, as preservation of quality of life is an important aspect of the replacement treatment.

Keywords: dialysis, inapparent charges, public and private, geographical areas

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