Figure 18 (Small)

Figure 18. Real success at last 1954 in Boston. Top: on the Left, sitting are the two Herrick identical twins, Richard (recipient) (1931 -1962) who lived 8 years, and Roland (donor) (1931 – 2010). Behind them are (left to right) Joe Murray (1919-2012) plastic surgeon, John Merrill (1917-1986) physician, and J Hartwell Harrison (1909-1984), urologist. Right, Joe Murray who (unlike the others – and Jean Hamburger in Paris) alone survived to receive the Nobel prize in 1990. René Küss (died 2006) was ignored, to fury in France.
Below, on the left Edith Helm (1935-2011) who received a kidney from twin sister Wanda (right) in May 1956, which served her well for 55 years. She also was the first transplant recipient to have a baby, in 1958.