Gennaio Febbraio 2017 - Nefrologia dalle regioni

Nephology and Dialysis in Abruzzo region


The text, after brief notes on the history of Nephrology from the Ebers Papyrus, dated 1552 b.c. discovered in Luxor in Egypt, on the first dialysis device made by Willem Kolff and the first treatment in uremic patient he performed on 1943 , mentions the first HD treatment in Italy.

This was made at Policlinico Umberto 1° of Rome in October 1961 ( the Institute of clinical surgery directed by prof. Paride Stefanini) by prof. Carlo Umberto Casciani and his staff; at the same Institute on May 3, 1966 was performed by Stefanini the first kidney transplant in Italy, using a kidney taken from Abruzzo, at the hospital in L’Aquila.

In Abruzzo the first hemodialysis was made in the fall of 1969 at the Civic Hospital in L’Aquila (professor G. Splendiani) and at the Civic Hospital of Pescara (dr. T. D’Andrea ).

The text traces the growth of regional network up to the Conference celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Dialysis in Italy, organized in Pescara by dr. Antonio Ciofani on November 23, 2011, they were rewarded by Health Minister Renato Balduzzi pioneers doctors and nurses of the discipline in Abruzzo.

It also described the organs procurement and transplantation activity, which began in L’Aquila and, in the last pages, the current regional network reported in detailed fact sheets and a map.

Key words: Abruzzo, dialysis, history, nephrology

Full text of the article is available in Italian.