Settembre Ottobre 2016 - Censimento SIN delle strutture nefrologiche italiane 2014-2015

Census of the renal and dialysis units by Italian Society of Nephrology: structure and organization for renal patient assistance in Italy (2014-2015)


Background: Given the public health challenge and burden of chronic kidney disease, the Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN) promoted a census of the renal and dialysis units to analyse structural and human resources, organizational aspects, activities and workload referring to the year 2014.

Methods: An online questionnaire, including 64 items exploring structural and human resources, organization aspects, activities and epidemiological data referred to 2014, was sent to chiefs of any renal or dialysis unit.

Results: 615 renal units were identified. From these 615 units, 332 were public renal centres (of which 318 centres answered to the census) and 283 were private dialysis centres (of which 113 centres answered to the census). The results show 6 public renal units pmp. Renal biopsies were 4624 (81 pmp). The nephrology beds are about 41 pmp. There are 7.304 nurses working in HD wards, 1.692 in the nephrology wards and only 613 for outpatients clinics. The benchmark data derived from this census show interesting comparisons between centres, regions and groups of regions. These data realised the clinical management of renal disease in Italy.

Key words: census, nephrology unit, organization, workforce, workload

Full text of the article is available in Italian.