Luglio Agosto 2016 - Articoli originali

Kidney disease in Sant’ Andrea Hospital: a biopsy based epidemiologic study


The aim of this retrospective study is to investigate the prevalence and pathological features of kidney inflammatory nephropathies diagnosed in Sant’Andrea Hospital, from January 2003 to April 2015. In this period, 246 kidney biopsies have been diagnosed in our Hospital. Excluding cases of kidney neoplasms and non-diagnostic samples, 195 cases were reviewed. Primary glomerulonephritis (GN) is the most common diagnosis. Among these, Membranous GN represents the majority of cases (20.4%), followed by IgA Nephropathy (12.7%). The higher prevalence of Membranous GN than IgA Nephropathy represents a difference between our study and national and international kidney biopsies registries. It can be considered a consequence of the average age of patients undergoing renal biopsy in our center (54,1 years). Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy are 1.5%. 10 out of 195 cases (5.1%) show end stage renal disease. This epidemiological study evaluates the prevalence of various kidney diseases in our database, the “biopsy policy” of Sant’Andrea Hospital and compares our results with national and international renal biopsies registries.

Key words: chronic kidney disease, IRRB, Nephritic Syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, renal biopsies

Full text of the article is available in Italian.