Luglio Agosto 2016 - Articoli originali

The dawn of Nephrology and Dialysis in Bologna with Vittorio Bonomini and Pietro Zucchelli


In Italy, Nephrology and Dialysis born in the 50’s. Among the protagonists of those years, there were Vittorio Bonomini and Pietro Zucchelli. In Bologna, they created a school of nephrology of national and international importance that generated many distinguished pupils.

In the 60-70’s, the author joined the school as student, then as assistant. He describes university life at the time of one of the last barons, Domenico Campanacci. Moreover, it is illustrated the adventurous birth and development of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, under the guidance of Bonomini and Zucchelli.

This article pays tribute to those two masters of nephrology and charismatic geniuses who founded our society.

Keywords: History of nephrology. History of dialysis. Artificial kidney. Peritoneal dialysis

Key words: artificial kidney, History of dialysis, history of nephrology, Peritoneal dialisi

Full text of the article is available in Italian.