Protected: Ten Years of Onconephrology


Onconephrology is a subspecialty of Nephrology with the aim of fully dealing with the complex and bidirectional relationship between the tumor and the kidneys.
In a world where Nephrologists still too often consider Oncological patients as “lost” and in which Oncologists are afraid to administer oncological therapies to patients with renal failure due to the absence of Literature data, Onconephrology was created with the aim of guaranteeing patients with renal disease the same treatment opportunities as the general population.
Over the years this subspecialty has developed and more nephrologists, experts in the field, daily support oncologists in clinical-therapeutic decisions by dealing with cases of renal toxicity from oncological therapy, managing treatments in patients with renal failure and dealing with all those conditions associated with both oncological and renal pathology in terms of prevention and treatment.
In this paper we will retrace the history of Onconephrology by analyzing what are the results achieved and what are the objectives for the future. 

Keywords: onconephrology, history of onconephrology, oncological therapies

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