The construction of nephrology nurse’s core competencies between problems and safety


Background: Nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplant facilities welcome patients with such different characteristics that they push the nurse into the sphere of care complexity, often generating criticality for the client and the professional. The purpose of the study is to understand the perception nephrological area nurses have about safety and the main difficulties encountered during the training course.

Methods: The research was carried out through the questionnaries methodology and involved 104 nurses who work or have worked in the nephrological area in Italy. 58% of participants have an age of service over 16 years.

Results: The data show how much the study path is judged to be lacking in the ability to provide adequate basic knowledge to deal with insertion in a context of Nephrology and dialysis. The study shows that those who have worked for less than 5 years consider the training methods unsatisfactory, generating insecurity at the end of the course. The main technical-professional difficulties encountered are the conduct of the hemodialysis and the management of the arteriovenous fistula.

Conclusions: The research demonstrates how the construction of core competencies in the new hire is an issue widely experienced by the professional but not always shared nationwide.

Keywords: safety, training, skill building, nephrology and dialysis.

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La pratica infermieristica è un campo così ampio e complesso da rendere difficile l’acquisizione dell’intera gamma di conoscenze e competenze necessarie nei differenti setting assistenziali. Di conseguenza la specializzazione in un campo è diventata la norma del nursing moderno, dando la possibilità ai professionisti di concentrarsi sull’acquisizione di abilità specifiche di contesto, necessarie a fornire la migliore assistenza erogabile [1]. 

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