Protected: Peritoneal Dialysis Network in North-East Italy: Survey About the Peritoneal Catheter Exit-Site Infection Management and Comparison with ISPD Guidelines


Introduction. The Triveneto Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Network aims to bring together doctors and nurses who deal with PD in a collaborative network in which to exchange mutual knowledge and optimize the use of this method of replacing renal function. A topic of particular interest was the management of peritoneal catheter exit-site infection, given the recent publication of the new guidelines of the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD).
Materials and methods. The survey concerned the criteria for carrying out nasal swab and exit-site, management of exuberant granulation tissue “Proud Flesh”, treatment of exit-site infection (ESI), use of silver dressings, the role of subcutaneous tunnel ultrasound and cuff shaving.
Results. All PD centers in the North-East Italy area have joined the survey with at least one operator per centre. There was a wide variability between the indications for performing the exit-site swab. In the presence of ESI, the prevalent approach is that of oral systemic empiric therapy associated (20.0%) or less (28.9%) with topical therapy, and then adapting it in a targeted manner to the culture examination.
Discussion. From the discussion of the survey emerged the importance of the ESI as an outcome indicator, which allows us to verify whether our clinical practice is in line with the reference standards. It is essential to know and base our activity on what is indicated in national and international guidelines and to document the events that occur in the patient population of each dialysis unit.

Keywords: Peritoneal Dialysis, Exit-site management, Catheter-related Infections, Survey

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