Artificial intelligence for future MD


Health care workers need artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is a set of studies and techniques that tend to the realization of machines, which solve complex problems automatically, simulating or emulating human intelligence activities.
Human intelligence is innate, creative, emotional, sporting, social in the collective and connected future.
Knowledge is the faculty, act, mode, effect of taking possession, intellectually or psychologically, with systematic activity of any certain aspect of reality.
The dates are given in the form of text, number, symbol, image, sounds that are used or stored in computers. Having many data or data does not mean having much information. Having a lot of information does not mean having a lot of knowledge.
Symbolic reasoning uses symbolic logic, logical connectives, expert systems, production rules, genetic algorithms, validation, explanation, justification, verification of inference, heuristic research. The knowledge of symbolic reasoning is deterministic.
Machine learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being programmed to do so. Use algorithms for statistical and probability calculations, the learning phases may not be verifiable. They are mathematically structured human opinions, spoiled by the pre – understandings of those who design them, of those who want to look for something.
The association between symbolic reasoning and automatic learning is excellent.
The intelligence of health workers work connected and collective, develop knowledge bases to be subjected to symbolic reasoning, expert systems and rules to have deterministic knowledge.

The deterministic knowledge subsequently elaborated by artificial intelligence will be returned to human intelligences.

Keyword. Artificial intelligence. Automatic learning. Symbolic reasoning.

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I progressi nelle capacità intellettuali e fisiche delle macchine cambieranno il modo in cui viviamo, lavoriamo, giochiamo, cerchiamo una compagna, educhiamo i più piccoli e ci occupiamo degli anziani. Rivolteranno il mercato del lavoro, rimescoleranno il nostro ordine sociale e cambieranno i connotati delle nostre istituzioni pubbliche e private. 

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