Supplement S70


History and Historiography of Nephrology

Natale G De Santo, Janusz Ostrowski, Vincenzo Savica, Boleslaw Rutkowski, Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos

Renal Medicine in Antiquity

A second (understandable) error by Aristotle in comparing the location of the human left kidney with that of a cow

Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos

The use of water for the treatment of kidney disorders

Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos

Giants in Nephrology

Aphorisms related to nephrological subjects in Rhazes’ The Guide Book or The Book of Aphorisms

Ahmet Acıduman, Ayşe Balat

On the contributions of Fernand Widal to the classification of chronic kidney disease

Garabed Eknoyan

Léon Ambard (1876-1962): his priority in using urea as a tool for assessment of kidney function in healthy subjects and in patients undergoing renal surgery

Carmela Bisaccia, Luca S. De Santo, Natale G De Santo

Carmelo Giordano (1930-2016): uremia therapy by low protein alimentation and sorbents

Natale G. De Santo, Ernesto Quarto, Malcolm E Phillips, Carlo de Pascale, Biagio Di Iorio

Nils Alwall – one of precursors of dialysis treatment

Jan Kurkus

Nils Alwall – a personal appreciation

J Stewart Cameron

Nils Alwall and his input into the development of Polish haemodialysis 

Janusz Ostrowski

Nobel Prize winners who contributed to Transplantation

Przemyslaw Rutkowski, Janusz Ostrowski, Alicja Debska-Slizien, Boleslaw Rutkowski

Progress in Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation

The History of the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association

Damian Gojowy, Andrzej Wiecek

History of the Polish Society of Nephrology

Bolesław Rutkowski, Janusz Ostrowski, Andrzej Więcek

The prehistory of transplantation: up to the 1950s

J. Stewart Cameron

The history of renal transplantation in France

Raymond Ardaillou

History of renal transplantation in Poland

Magdalena Durlik

History of Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents use for the treatment of renal anemia in Poland

Michał Nowicki, Katarzyna Pęczek

PD catheters: evolution towards optimal design

Zbylut J. Twardowski

The renal lesions in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome: history before and after the discovery of BBS genes

Davide Viggiano, Miriam Zacchia, Francesca Simonelli, Valentina Di Iorio, Pietro Anastasio, Giovambattista Capasso, Natale G De Santo

Renal Medicine in the XVI-XIX Century

Treatment of urinary tract diseases in the 16th-century work Cieplice (Thermal Springs) by Wojciech Oczko (1537-1599)

Janusz Ostrowski, Marek Muszytowski, Przemysław Rutkowski, Bolesław Rutkowski

The management of renal stones in the Ratio medendi in nosocomio practico (Medical skills in hospital practice) of Anton De Haen (1704-1776)

Guido Bellinghieri, Pietro Bellinghieri, Domenico Santoro, Guido Gembillo, Vincenzo Savica

Remedies for kidney ailments in the “Botany Practical” (1838) by Dionysios Pyrros the Thessalian (1774-1853)

Ioannis Stefanidis, Georgios Filippidis, Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos

Beginnings of modern nephrology: people and facts

Works of Napoleon Cybulski (1859-1919) and Wladyslaw Szymonowick (1869-1939) on Adrenal Function

Miroslaw J. Smogorzewski

Filippo Romeo (1908-1981): a pioneer and teacher of Nephrology at Messina University

Savica Vincenzo, Guido Bellinghieri

Pioneer women in Pediatric Nephrology in Poland

Ryszard Grenda, Małgorzata Pańczyk-Tomaszewska, Aleksandra Żurowska

The contribution to nephrology of Professor Josef Erben (1926-2015)

Katarína Derzsiová and Miroslav Mydlík

The contribution of Professor Karel Opatrný Jr., MD, DSc. (1954-2006) to nephrology

Miroslav Mydlík, Sylvie Opatrná, Katarina Derzsiová

Uromodulin and its two discoverers: Igor Tamm and Frank Lappin Horsfall, Jr.

Anna Bednarek-Skublewska, Andrzej Woliński

The historical relevance of urine and its future implications

Savica Vincenzo, Ricciardi Carlo Alberto, Bellinghieri Pietro, Duro Giovanni, Ricciardi Biagio, Bellinghieri Guido

Urolithiasis from the point of view of the head physician of Ottoman emperors: Ahi Ahmed Çelebi

Ayse Balat, Ahmet Acıduman

Urine analysis of the 20th century Ottoman royal palace members and their interpretation: samples from Prime ministry Ottoman archives

İsmail İşlek, Halit Atlı, Melahat Argun, Mustafa Küçük, Ayşe Balat

The rise and fall of acute tubular necrosis. An exercise in medical semiotics

C.R.P. George

Water immersion model in nephrology: from hydrotherapy to weightlessness

Jan Dulawa, Michal Kokot

Between history and philosophy

The application of philosophy and history of medicine in current medical practice. The Nephrotic Syndrome Example

Maria Kalientzidou, Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos


Avvocato Gerardo Marotta (Naples April 26, 1927- January 25, 2017): in memoriam

Natale G De Santo, Rosa Maria De Santo