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Home Hemodialysis: Experience and Preliminary Results Of The First Center In Campania


The Home Hemodialysis (HHD) is an uncommon dialytic option that can offer better clinical outcomes and a more satisfactory quality of life. The Health Plan of the Region Campania 2011-2013 states that” the system of home care for regional planning is particularly important”.

From August 2014 to March 2015 two patients, on standard dialysis (HD) as inpatients at Dialysis Centre of the University “Federico II” of Naples, started Short Daily Home Hemodialysis (SDHD) (4-6 dialysis treatments/week, 2.5 hours per session) using the portable cycler NxStage System One).

The data collected showed that the clinical benefits described in the literature were confirmed in patients enrolled in this HHD program. Shorter and more frequent hemodialysis sessions allowed a significant reduction in interdialytic weight gain and greater intradialytic hemodynamic stability. A significant reduction in blood pressure and anti-hypertensive drugs were obtained. The control of phosphorus appeared better and hemoglobin was to target with a lower dose of weekly erythropoetin. The patients reported a greater well-being and a reduction in post-dialytic asthenia. No problem has been reported in using the vascular access (CVC and FAV) by the patient/caregiver. The dialysis adequacy and efficiency were comparable between SDHD and HD. The experience with the HHD is encouraging as the patients achieved an adequate dialysis dose without any complications reporting an improving sense of well-being and a better quality of life.

Key Words: Home Hemodialysis, Short Daily Home Hemodialysis, Dialysis Adequacy, Quality of Life.

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L’Emodialisi Extracorporea Domiciliare (HHD) è un’alternativa non ancora ben conosciuta nel panorama dei trattamenti sostitutivi dell’insufficienza renale cronica. Questo tipo di modalità dialitica, già utilizzata in altri Paesi e in alcune Regioni Italiane, può offrire significativi vantaggi in termini di outcomes clinici, socio-economici e soprattutto di qualità della vita del paziente. 

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