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Professor Robin A.J. Eady (1940 – 2017): In memoriam


On August 2, 2017 died in London Professor Robin A.J. Eady, retired professor of Dermatology and pioneer and long-lasting survivor in dialysis therapy. He had been diagnosed proteinuria at the age of 9 years and had started dialysis therapy in Seattle in 1963 under the care of Belding H. Scribner. Subsequently he had received dialysis in Edmonton (Canada) and at Royal Free Hospital in London. In 1987 he had received a successful renal transplant by Peter Morris, Professor of Surgery at Oxford. He had done well for 20 years. Death was caused by complications following heart surgery. Eady was able to cope with his disease and to develop an academic career in dermatology thanks to the adoption of home-dialysis, which was under the expert care by his wife Anne Geen, a nurse. A long lasting survivor in CKD therapy. Professor and the author of this obituary met in 1980, 2006, and 2007 and there were fruitful exchanges. Here dr De Santo remembers his humanity, the religious sense of life, the capacity to cope with the disease, the endurance, the extraordinary academic career in dermatology and his expertise in Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Key words: Robin A.J. Eady, long last survivor in dialysis and transplantation, academic dermatologist, Belding H Scribner

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Il Professore Robin A. J. Eady

Il Times del primo settembre 2017 alla pagina 54  – a chiusura di un lunghissimo necrologio – scrive “Professor Robin Eady, MBE, dialysis pioneer and dermatologist was born on November 29, 1940. He died on August 2, 2017, from complications after heart surgery, aged 76” (1). Sic transit gloria mundi

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