Novembre Dicembre 2016 - Articoli originali

HFR aequilibrium can be an answer to malnutrition and hypotension in dialisys: case report


The interdialytic hypotension is still the most frequent complication during the hemodialysis.

A-HFR has dynamic profiles of ultrafiltration and conductivity of the dialysate that ensure a better refilling and reduce compliance during the dialysis treatment, furthermore reduce the amino acid loss and has a lower inflammatory effect. In our Center, we wanted to analyze the impact of this kind of dialysis on intradialytic tolerance and nutritional status in two malnourished patients with encouraging data on the use of AHFR in malnutrition and disequilibrium syndromes.

Key words: disequilibrium syndrome, hemodiafiltration, interdialitic hypotension, malnutrition

Full text of the article is available in Italian.