Settembre Ottobre 2016 - Linee guida per la malattia policistica renale dell'adulto

Renal failure, management of uremic condition and replacement therapy


Replacement therapy implemented by renal transplantation is preferable to dialysis treatment and also in uremic population with ADPKD. In preparation for the transplant nephrectomy is a procedure associated with morbidity and mortality in patient with ADPKD, it should be performed on the basis of stringent clinical indications.
When the kidney transplant is not possible, peritoneal dialysis in appropriate patients is not contraindicated with comparable results to the extracorporeal dialytic treatment. The therapeutic targets in substitution treatment with respect to pressure levels, lipids, hemoglobin, anticoagulation regime are comparable to the non ADPKD uremic population.

Key words: adpkd, renal replacement therapy, transplant

Full text of the article is available in Italian.