Maggio Giugno 2016 - Articoli originali

Nephrology: knowledge and digital memory


Mathematical sciences have had a huge development with the use of numbers, which is used to process images, sounds and computer languages. Medical knowledge is collected in databases in text format (groups of words). So far, words in Medicine have never been processed and we are not currently able to create connections between them in any way. With mathematical logic, words can be treated as numbers. Words, using logical connectives, become more and more calculable and developable with the support of mathematical and computer sciences. The words in medicine may have the same development of the numbers in mathematical sciences. Words that belong to the history of the patient, physical examinations and clinical data can be gathered in tables, therefore, they can be made available to computer applications, creating a digital memory by presenting it as required by the doctor. The author believes that the clinical reasoning of the Doctor uses connectives available in mathematical logic. Therefore, thought can be supported by mathematical calculation. Knowledge engineering programs will develop data return or self-generated algorithms, up to the future use of artificial intelligence in the field of nephrology.

Key words: knowledge, mathematical logic, medicine

Full text of the article is available in Italian.