Technical-Organizational and Welfare Aspects Of The First Home Hemodialysis Program in Campania


To activate a program of home hemodialysis (HHD) and to ensure its sustainability and success, it is essential to provide a structured path with the realization of a programmatic document detailing the technological requirements and the type of organization and assistance in line with the regulations currently in force. The path must consider the following: (a) eligibility clinical criteria of the patient and the caregiver, (b) analysis of the most recent HHD literature and the reasons of the choice of the latest technology, (c) accurate information of the patient and the caregiver with their approval, (d) care coverage and hospital admission modalities (e) suitability of the rooms where the patient will perform the HHD treatment, (f) training program of the patient and the caregiver, home treatment start and patient follow-up. The implementation of this structured process has allowed us to launch a successful HHD program: this modus operandi has preventively defined the pathway care and analyzed the priorities of risk.We have analyzed the HHD process to identify the possible problems and predictable critical situations in home health care.The experience with the HHD is promising: the patients did not show any clinical problems and reported a better quality of life; this dialysis method can be considered as further treatment option to selected patients, according to the eligibility criteria.

Keywords: Home Hemodialysis, Short Daily Home Hemodialysis, Care Pathway, Risk Management.

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