Novembre Dicembre 2016 - Articoli originali

Does clinical methodology yet exist?


Up to 1968, clinical methodology was considered a central step in construction of Medical procedure. Later, after specialization or high specialization introduction, it totally disappeared. The results is the absence of any epistemological knowledge in the construction of diagnosis, based on two main theory: inductivism and hypothetico-deductivism. Both start from the point that diagnostic theory can be developed in close touch with experiment and observation. The inductive theory builds up the diagnosis on the multiple observations, while the deductive theory formulates the diagnosis from the “bright idea” which inspires the doctor who then has to check his theory by observation. The difference between two approaches to diagnosis is based on the “tabula rasa” of inductive physician and “tabula plena” of deductive physician.

Without a methodology knowledge, the “new doctors” are lacking of proper correct approach to right diagnosis and therapy and rarely use academic tools to deepen it in clinical work.

We consider many epistemology clinical aspects related to science and medical practice. In addition, we point out the attention to some cases on the basis of new inductive and deductive theories, in order to have respect for patients and doctors dignity.

Key words: clinical methodology, methodology knowledge, methodology of diagnosis

Full text of the article is available in Italian.