Figure 2 (Small)

Figure 2; Based on the information provided on this document, it has been deduced that this analysis was belong to one of the important ones. Report date was 17 July 1906, and the physician was Dr Fehmi Rıza bin Muhammed. It has been noted that density was 1026, albumin was trace, and urea was 30,74 g / L (N: 22-28). There was abundant leukocytes, several calcium oxalate crystals, and epithelial cells on microscopic evaluation, showing that he had urinary tract infection, and the amount of urea was high. After this analysis, in an another page, it has been written that the physician suggested him to stay away from red meat, spinach and fresh beans for a while, and instead consume white meat such as chicken and fish, drink lots of milk and have a regular walking exercise.