Nils Alwall and his input into the development of Polish haemodialysis


Nils Alwall’s fame and reputation as a pioneer and leader of haemodialysis treatment of patients with chronic renal disease was widespread across Europe in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Little wonder, then, that his renowned clinic in Lund, Sweden was willingly visited by many doctors from Central-Eastern Europe including those from Poland. The first Poles to meet Alwall in his native Sweden right after WW2 were Maria (nurse) and Bożysław (technical worker) Kurowski. The meeting gave rise to the publication of the first nursing paper in Poland in 1958. Nils Alwall’s archive in Lund holds rich correspondence exchanged with Polish doctors. The first one to establish contacts with the famous Swede was dr. Zygmunt Hanicki from Krakow, who later received one of Alwall’s first dialysis machines enabling him to perform experiments whose results were published in 1949 and 1950. The first longer stay in Lund started in 1957 when dr. Tadeusz Orłowski, the future leader of the Polish nephrology and transplant therapy, made his way to the famous centre. Next, in 1958 the clinic was visited by dr. Zdzisław Wiktor of Wrocław, the future Head of one of the first clinics of nephrology in Europe and the following year dr. Jan Roguski of Poznań also sought to gain experience there. In the meantime, a number of dialysis centres equipped with Alwall-type haemodialysis machines were set up in Poland including the Poznań unit (1958) established by Kazimierz Bączyk, the Warsaw one (1959) by Tadeusz Orłowski and the Krakow centre (1962) by Zygmunt Hanicki. It was in 1960 when dr. Zbigniew Fałda from Warsaw completed his training in Lund. Later, in 1966 the Lund centre hosted dr. Jan Kurkus. Nils Alwall’s first visit to Poland was in 1959 during the Congress of the Polish Society of Internal Medicine in Gdańsk. His second visit to Poland happened in 1970 when he gave two lectures. By the time Nils Alwall retired as many as a few dozen Polish doctors had gained experience in Lund later transplanting it to their centres in Poland confirming the significant impact of the Lund centre on the development of the Polish dialysis therapy.

Keywords: Nils Alwall, dialysis unit, Lund University, history of haemodialysis, Poland

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