Supplemento S77

Protected: Droghe d’abuso e rene


Here we present a case of acute renal failure needing dialysis in a heroin addict patient chronically treated with Metadone.  This give us the opportunity to review the renal effects of the main drugs of abuse, highlighting the shift occured from the four “old sisters” (Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and Amphetamine) to the news synthetic drugs (chiefly  Synthetic  Cathinones and Cannabinoids), that poses problems due to  large diffusion, easy  procurement, legal  non-regulation and difficult analytical identification,  raising medical and forensic questions. From a Nephrological point of view is essential to take great care over the need to diagnose this kind of pathology and to widen the search trying anyway to recognize the substances potentially involved.

Key Words: Acute Kidney Injury; Acute renal failure; Illicit drugs; Rhabdomyolysis.

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