Protected: Evaluation via ecocolordoppler before creating a vascular access for hemodyalisis: a monocentric experience


The use of a preoperative echocolordoppler improves the clinical evaluation because provides anatomical and hemodynamic information that make it an important tool in planning vascular access strategy.

The preoperative ultrasound study of the vessels can significantly reduce the failure rate and the incidence of complications of vascular access.

We describe the experience of our center, lasting 10-year, where the ultrasound assessment was performed in all patients before the creation of vascular access.

Indeed, ultrasound reduces the rate of fistula failure and increases the utilization of fistula, allowing proper selection of vessels.

In addition, the presence of the vascular access team has allowed us to achieve quite satisfactory results.


Keywords: vascular access, imaging, ecocolordoppler, presurgical evaluation, hemodyalisis

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