Protected: A life devoted to nephrology


This paper by Mauro Sasdelli describes the dawn and the development of nephrology first in Bologna, where Sasdelli studied in the nineteen-sixties, and later in Arezzo; the author tells us of the dedication, the enthusiasm, the hard work of all involved, but also of their conflicts and banter. The paper describes the important contributions to nephrology made by prominent personalities such as Domenico Campanacci, Vittorio Bonomini and Pietro Zucchelli, not only at a local level but also more broadly. Finally, text and images of this “personal history” can also be read as the integration of an article published on this same journal in 2016, “The dawn of Nephrology and Dialysis in Bologna with Vittorio Bonomini and Pietro Zucchelli” (Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia, vol. 33, n. 4).


Keywords: history of nephrology, history of Italian nephrology, history of the Italian Society of Nephrology

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