PD in Italy: the 5th GSDP-SIN Census 2014



To know PD modalities and results in Italy.


The Census was carried out by means of an on-line questionnaire in ALL the 225 non-pediatric public centers which PERFORMED PD in 2014. The results were compared with those of previous Censuses (2005:Cs-05; 2008:Cs-08; 2010:Cs-10; 2012:Cs-12).


Incidence. In 2014 PD was begun (first treatment for ESRD) by 1,652 pts (CAPD: 57.2%) and HD by 4,442 pts (%PD-incidence= Cs-14: 27,1%; Cs-12: 23.4%; Cs-10: 23.3%; Cs-08: 22.8%; Cs-05: 24.2%). For the first time Incremental PD does not increase (Cs-14: 27,5%; Cs-12: 28,8%; Cs-10: 22,8%; Cs-08: 18,3%; Cs-05: 11,9%).

Prevalence. At 31/12/2014 there were 4,480 patients on PD (CAPD: 46.9%) (%PD-prevalence= Cs-14: Cs-12: 17.1%; Cs-10: 16.6%; Cs-08: 16.7%; Cs-05:16.8%; p=NS), 24.3% of whom were on assisted PD (family members: 83.6%; paid caregivers: 11.5%; nurses: 1.1%; NH: 2.8%).

Out. In 2014 there was no change in the PD drop-out rate (32.0 ep/100yrs-pt) (death: 502; transplant: 329; switch to HD: 528 pts). The main reason for transferring to HD remained peritonitis (24.8%). Choice (9.3%) and impossibility to continue PD (15.2%) are increasing.

Peritonitis. The peritonitis rate (953 episodes) was 0.224 ep/yrs-pt. The incidence of new cases of EPS in 2013-14 (39 cases=0.444 ep/100yrs-pt) is decreasing (2011-12= 0.505; 2009-10= 0.529; 2004-08= 0.701 ep/100-yrs-pt).

Other results. Compared to 2012, in 2014 the number of Centers using 3.86% for PET increased (41.3%) (Cs-12: 30.8%; Cs-10: 15.6%; p<0.001), while the number carrying out home visits (59.6%) remained unchanged (56.3% in 2012, 59.4% in 2010). CONCLUSIONS

Cs-14 confirms the extensive use, stability and good results of PD in Italy. Incremental PD and assisted PD are unchanged, peritonitis are decreased and EPS remains a rare event. PET-3.86% is increasingly used.

Keywords: Peritoneal Dialysis, Technique failure, Incremental peritoneal dialysis, assisted PD, peritonitis, home visit, PET (peritoneal equilibration test)


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